Just a warning in advance – this isn’t a translation (well, not a full one). Not everything may be correct, because I don’t have a great grasp on Japanese yet.

…but of course, I just had to post my thoughts about this!!!

愛してあげるニャ! -僕のペット- VOL.1瀬戸恵一 (CV:石田彰)

Aishite Ageru Nya! is a drama CD that focuses on a pet owner and his interactions with his pet (who is supposed to be the listener). Whom he loves. Very. Much. When Ishida Akira says “nya” it’s so cute…(*´ー`*)

The first track (ただいま) introduces an ordinary salaryman, Seto Keiichi (CV: Ishida Akira). At first, Seto seems absolutely normal..but when he gets home, his voice seems to change. It becomes, well, super adorable, and very, very silly. Seto comes home to his cat (named Silk), and displays affection, hugging and kissing Silk. He asks Silk is she’s been a good girl while he was away. Silk’s stomach grumbles, and comments on how he and Silk had plans to eat together but he ate beforehand. Seto apologizes to Silk and hugs her. Near the end of the track, he calls Silk the world’s cutest cat.

The second track  (トイレのお掃除) has Seto and Silk in some sort of fight. I’m not exactly sure what, but I think that Silk might have went to the bathroom somewhere inappropriate. Silk runs away when Seto tries giving her a lecture. Seto asks if it was because she was lonely and wanted to play with him and then apologizes to her. His “boku ga warukatta da nya, yurushite hoshin da nya” (I was wrong nya, please forgive me nya~) made me laugh. He then gushes about how Silk’s such a nice girl and says he loves her (“Aishiteru~”). He wants to be with Silk forever and can’t think of a life without her ♥

The next track (晩ごはん) has Seto finally bringing Silk food. He tells Silk that she really knows good food, saying how her food was more expensive than his lunch. But he’s fine with just seeing Silk happy while she eats. In the middle of the track, Seto’s voice drops to a sexy tone. It’s here, where I laugh the most. Here’s a short translation of part of it:

“Come here. Will you listen to my wish? What is it? I want you. I can’t hold it back. I want to feel your body temperature directly. I can’t can I? You said it’s okay? Really? I’m happy. Thanks.”


Even though I’m supposed to be Silk when I’m listening to the CD, I can’t help but think of how he’s talking to a cat while saying this. Seto then sniffs Silk’s fur and comments on her smell (๑´ლ`๑)

In the fourth track (お風呂へ入ろう), Seto is getting ready to take a bath. Silk seems to want to come too, and Seto allows it. But Silk is scared of the water, so he tells her to wait outside. She scratches at the door while he’s drying his hair and he lets her in. Silk loves the dryer and while trying to reach it, she pulls at the towel Seto has on. The towel falls and Seto tells Silk to turn around and not look because she’s a girl. (* ´艸`)クスッ♪ When Seto leaves the bathroom, he gets water for Silk. While Silk is drinking it, Seto comments on how it’s almost time to sleep. He then tells Silk that they’ll always be together and play a lot. He’s happy as long as she is.

Track 5 (急なお仕事) starts with Seto finishing vacuuming and then asking Silk what they should play. He gets a phone call from a client (and talks with a serious voice!) and seems to have to do something he obviously doesn’t want to do (since he throws a mini tantrum afterwards). He apologizes to Silk for scaring her and complains about how he wanted to spend the day with her instead of doing work (he tells her it’ll be done soon). Silk still messes with Seto, though (his keyboard?) and he says he’ll definitely play with her after he’s done. Silk won’t leave though and she sits on his knee.

In track 6, the part I remember the most is where Silk is still mad at Seto for doing work instead of playing with her. Seto tries to apologize, saying how he wants to hold her and feel her warmth (when he says that part, I can’t help but laugh!). Silk then comes over but she still won’t play with him (hasn’t forgiven him). He tells her that he’ll definitely play with her tomorrow – the whole day – no matter what happens. He pinky swears with her (how he does this is a mystery).

Track 7 (おはよう) Seto still wants to sleep, five minutes more please! Silk, however, tickles his foot (? and by licking him?) and he wakes up. When Silk tries to run away near the end of the track, Seto says “I won’t let you go~ gyu~” so cute. And he calls playing with Silk all day a date ♥ I think in track 8, Silk scratches Seto while playing, and she seems to feel bad for it. Seto tries to assure her that he’s okay and that’s she’s such a good girl. He then has her come over and pets her. Then he asks if she’s gotten fat but realizes that he shouldn’t say that to a girl. Very near the end of the track:

“Really, you are such a nice, amazing girl. The world’s/my most important [girl], no matter who. Will you marry me? What’s your answer? Really? I’m so happy. Thanks. […] I can’t see anyone else but you, you’re my number one!”

She’s a cat, okay? She’s a cat. But I laughed. Of course.

The next track (おやすみなさい) has the two going to sleep again. Seto and Silk are supposed to sleep apart, but Silk comes and sleeps on Seto’s bed (he comments on how they shouldn’t sleep together because they’re boy and girl, but he relents).  In track 10 (いってきます), Seto is dressing for work because it’s a Monday. He tells Silk to be a good girl and wait for him, but she “makes a sad face.” But he says he has to go (and that she has to do her best to wait for him). Nearer to the end of the track, Seto’s thoughts play: He’ll always, always be with Silk and it’s because of her that he works so hard (and that she’s his cute, cute treasure).

The next four tracks are omakes. The first one has Seto start off describing his snake’s body sexily (fat, long, and big) Y⌒Y⌒Y⌒(。A。)アヒャヒャヒャヒ Seto seems to be having a sort of romantic conversation with his snake and the track ends with him asking what they should do now. If you think about how the listener is the snake, then it’s a bit suggestive (the next omake is too). The next omake had me laughing a lot. Seto says “Can i touch you here, too? […] Ah, it’s no good. At this point, I want to hear your voice!”

…but he’s talking to a motorcycle. Y⌒Y⌒Y⌒Y⌒Y⌒Y⌒(。A。)アヒャヒャヒャヒ

Ahahaha, in the fourth omake, Seto says his cat’s pose is sexy (and his sentences end in de chu~♥). Ishida Akira’s voice changes so much in this omake – it’s absolutely hilarious (I think Seto gets bitten and tries to deny that the cat doesn’t like him, so he gets bitten again). You may have noticed, but I skipped omake 3 (I don’t really know exactly what happens in it, but his pet is now a daikon).

In the free talk, Ishida notes on how he can’t keep a pet because they’d definitely die (and I think he expands on this, on how he probably would leave to buy food and have forgotten to lock the door, thus allowing his pet to run away). The secret track is in the free talk, after the long silence. It’s rather…huh? Is the impression I get. ahaha, wow at the lower voice though.

My thoughts:

Now that I think about it, Seto kind of talks to Silk like an child. He also talks to her kind of like a boyfriend at times, too, telling her things like “I love you!!!” and “Will you marry me?” Overall, this CD is a good start for those who don’t have that great of a grasp on the Japanese language and for those who love the otome genre. But it is rather silly – I burst out in fits of giggles in nearly every track. My only criticism would be that I really can’t imagine the character on the cover to have that kind of voice…but Ishida Akira definitely did a good job in playing the over-loving owner. Very. Cute. ♥ And hilarious.


~ by kure on April 9, 2012.

2 Responses to “愛してあげるニャ!~僕のペット~VOL.1瀬戸恵一”

  1. Thanks for the translation! Great job covering it all. Honestly this CD was a total treat haha. I’m looking forward to checking out the others.

    • Thank you so much 🙂
      I haven’t updated/posted anything in a long time, but I’ll try to get something up soon (probably after July, since I have school)! I’m almost done translating a drama CD, but I have a lot of checking over to do.
      So sweet of you to comment and take a look though! 🙂

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