[Drama CD Review] SEVENTH HEAVEN VOL. 3 Itsuki

Hi! It’s kure, after such a long time! I meant to post about this a while back, but, well…I was pretty lazy, and I had classes (all excuses, of course). Hopefully I’ll be a bit better on posting things now! Now, I know a BUNCH of people have been reviewing Itsuki’s volume of SEVENTH HEAVEN, and I totally get why, It was such a good drama CD that even I, who was on a year hiatus, just felt so compelled to write about it. ….but I’m still going to have to listen to it again before reviewing! AHHHH. haha.

SEVENTH HEAVEN vol.03 イツキ「Reunion」 CV : Takahashi Naozumi (高橋直純)

Itsuki’s appearance is not my favorite of the bunch, though his CD is my favorite so far (but I haven’t listened to volume 4 yet). I heard Takahashi’s work before, in Shinsengumi Mokuhiroku Wasurenagusa, and I loved Saito’s volume, so, of course, Takahashi became one of the seiyuus I looked forward to listening to. As before, I’ll be reviewing track by track.

Drama I

The track begins with the main character (I’ll just refer to her as MC after this) waking up after trying to commit suicide with Itsuki fretting over her. He asks why she approached Hiiragi Mansion, when he specifically warned her not to. He worries some more, then hugs her and apologizes for not noticing how hurt she was. He then asks how she’s doing – if she’s hurt anywhere, is feeling well, etc. MC is looking at Itsuki strangely, but Itsuki thinks it’s because she’s hungry or something. She answers that she doesn’t know who he is. Itsuki is surprised, trying to tell her to remember him and reminding her of certain events – they’ve always been together. He stops trying to force her to remember when he sees that she really doesn’t remember anything and introduces himself. He explains that he’s not a human, but a shinigami who can’t feel anything (as in body warmth, etc), but he explains that he doesn’t want MC to die, yet she’ll be killed by him through his song.

Drama II

Itsuki says he’ll show the MC around the garden, taking her by the hand (and calling her Princess). They talk about the meanings of different flowers, and MC gets stuck by a thorn on a rose. Itsuki puts a band aid on it and MC apologizes for being annoying (though Itsuki says it’s fine, muttering under his breath how her troubled face is cute). MC asks why a shinigami is her childhood friend. Before meeting MC, Itsuki never felt anything – everything was boring. That’s when Kanade came talking about a certain, special soul. Itsuki purposely went out to meet MC as a small child and realized immediately that she was the person Kanade was talking about. Usually, humans can’t see shinigami, but MC was able to and was even smiling at him. Itsuki went to Kanade and asked him to let him take charge of MC and to stay by her side as a human before the time came for her to come to the mansion. Itsuki became her childhood friend and began to care for the crybaby MC. He knew that MC would eventually die, because she’s a a human, but Itsuki wished that MC would not take her own life, and that she should be happier than anyone else (He even said no one else mattered – he didn’t care how anyone else died but her ブ━。:+((*´艸`))+:。━ッ). He meant to tell her about himself (?), but wanted to stay just a regular guy in front of her. He cuts off the story there, then invites her to tea inside, teasing her, asking if he should hold her princess style, bringing her inside like a prince. He’s so teasing….ugh so cute w(≧▽≦)w Before going inside, he asks MC if the story made her remember anything (it didn’t).

Drama III

This track starts off with a flashback, with Itsuki running up to MC, bringing her a popular teddy bear (kuma-chan ningyo).  He teases her, saying he’ll give it to her if she really, really wants it, but then just hands it over. She says it’s fine, but he insists. He asks her if she’s forgotten what today is – her birthday! MC’s phone rings, and Itsuki asks who it is (“IS IT A BOY?”). MC has no plans, so Itsuki promises that he’ll always spend her birthday with her. He then asks when she’ll get a boyfriend and if she really knows what it means to celebrate her birthday together every year. He finally says, “then, how about I make you my girlfriend?” キャ—(*ノ∀ノ)—♡ MC is dense and never realized he liked her. Itsuki explains that she’s really important to him and says a proper confession, saying “I like you. As a girl. Always – I’ve always liked you.” SO FREAKING CUTE. He asks if he can’t be special to her and says it’s fine to answer him tonight – then it fades out. MC wakes up to the current timeline, Itsuki confessing he was watching her sleep creeper and asks MC what’s wrong. She says she saw a dream about him, and he says that that makes him happy and asks her about what she saw. He listens, and tries to pass it off as just a dream, but admits, reluctantly and embarrassed, that that was a memory. He explains that he hasn’t heard her answer yet and that he’ll always wait for it, but doesn’t want to hand her to any other guy o(≧∇≦o) man i wish this would really happen to me. He goes on to say that he didn’t want her to die and gets her to admit that she still wants to live, explaining that there might be a way to save her.  They talk about her memories, how after singing, she’ll forget him. Itsuki reassures her, saying they’ll just start over again. It ends with MC smiling and Itsuki repeating that she’s cute.

Drama IV

MC and Itsuki have a tickle fight, with Itsuki calling her a pervert for touching his chest. He wonders if MC came to talk about dying and her worries about what’s going to happen. They hug to reassure her and Itsuki ponders about their situation (in how when they were still just childhood friends, he could have never imagined holding her). MC asks Itsuki if he’s sung for other girls (he has – it’s SEVENTH HEAVEN’s duty). Itsuki asks if she’s jealous and tells her to get more jealous since it makes him happy – he always thinks of her. More teasing ensues. man he’s so cute

Drama V

The track starts out with MC in the kitchen making plain omelets for Itsuki, who is very happy because of that. He hums while she continues cooking. After a short fade out, Itsuki tastes the omelet and excitedly tells MC how good it is – based off feelings, since shinigami can’t actually taste anything awww he’s such a sincere doggie. MC asks Itsuki if he wants anything else, though he answers that it’s fine as long as she’s by his side. He considers something else, but stops before he asks her for something. MC still worries, though, and Itsuki comes over to embrace her, asking what she wants. He announces again that he’s in love with her, and asks if she can’t be with a shinigami, trying to tell her his good points (he won’t die before her, he’ll treasure her and won’t make her worry, etc). MC is surprised and Itsuki apologizes and asks her to tell him on the night of the full moon, when he’ll confess to her again. He tells her to come to his room when he hears the bells ringing.

Drama VI

MC comes to Itsuki’s room as promised. Itsuki asks how she’s feeling and quickly hugs her, saying how he wants to make her his now, asking her to close her eyes. Basically, Itsuki just has a huge make out fest with MC which totally made me blush listening to this whole thing omfg. Somewhere in the track, he also takes out her soul (of which he can actually feel the warmth from) – and continues the make out session with that lol.

Skipping the song track (Reunion)

8 – ExtraTrack~Last Message

Itsuki tries to wake up MC a couple of times, before realizing that she’s actually dead omg so heartbreaking щ(ಥДಥщ). He never even got to hear her answer to his confession. He killed her, even though he thought they could finally be together. A crow’s call reaches him in the distance, and he realizes that Kanade knew that this would happen. He calls out to him, asking just how much he has to take from him before it’s enough (and says he’s already taken everything from him). He curses Kanade, yelling that he won’t forgive him and will definitely kill him. The crows calls continue and Itsuki realizes his memories are disappearing. He struggles to remember MC (“I won’t forget…her name is…..her name….name….”) as his memories gradually fade away.

Final Thoughts:

To be honest, the first two SEVENTH HEAVEN volumes failed to really move me in any way (though I was pretty freaked out when Hinata wanted you to choke him…) and this was the first volume where I really wanted to cry and felt so horrible! Itsuki was SUCH a sweetheart and adorable in the memory scene. BUT UGH SO STUPID. WHEN I HEARD THAT “TELL ME HOW YOU FEEL ON THE DAY OF THE FULL MOON” I WAS LIKE OMG NO OBVIOUSLY IT AIN’T GONNA HAPPEN SINCE YOU STOPPED HER. AND AND AND WHEN THE DAY CAME HE WAS CONCENTRATING SO MUCH ON MAKING OUT THAT HE DIDN’T EVER GET HIS ANSWER!!! (╯ಥ益ಥ )╯︵ ┻━┻ ugh I saw that coming but it was still so HEARTBREAKING. Although I know the main character is supposed to be the listener, I kind of wish we knew what the motivations were for the girls to try to commit suicide. I feel like that would make a better story and strengthen (especially in this CD) the ties between the shinigami and the listener. I seriously thought SEVENTH HEAVEN would be a game too, so we could actually have happy endings, but it doesn’t seem like it ಥ_ಥ


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