[Drama CD Review] SEVENTH HEAVEN VOL. 4 Yuuri

[Drama CD Review] SEVENTH HEAVEN VOL. 4 Yuuri

SEVENTH HEAVEN vol.4 ユーリ「永遠のWALTZ」CV : Kondou Takashi (近藤隆)

My first request – so exciting!!!

Drama I

“Please wait. You. What’s that in your hand? Were you perhaps planning on committing suicide in front of this mansion?”

The scene starts with Yuuri catching the main character holding a knife, getting ready to kill herself. He takes it from her hand and says it’d be bad if the owner of the mansion caught her. But he suggests that she must have been in extreme grief to want to commit suicide. Yuuri mentions another, easier way to die – him killing her. He mentions that she is charming and introduces himself as a shinigami. Like in the last volumes, he explains that he can’t die and can’t feel, has nothing. But he says that the souls of those girls who don’t want to be hurt (but have suffered) are guided by shinigami. Seventh Heaven is a group within the shinigami, and their singing voices bring death. Since she’s seen a shinigami, she can no longer escape from her fate. He’d like to take her soul now, but he can’t until the next full moon. Thus, she’ll have to get along with him in the mansion while waiting (which involves believing in him and listening to his weird orders…something like that). He compliments her smile and says he’ll do anything for her why do I feel like he’s lying and welcomes her to the mansion.

Drama II

Yuuri watches her eat(?) and asks if she’s gotten used to the mansion. He offers to show her around the mansion’s gallery. Basically he explains about a certain image of a girl and asks what the heroine thinks about the picture (like, what the girl in the image is holding). He comments under his breath that she’s beautiful when she’s thinking.  I kind of don’t even know this vocabulary what is with Yuuri. He says he’s got something to ask of our heroine. Scene shifts, and it seems that our heroine is Yuuri’s model! He instructs her to look at him and compliments her eyes. He says that his heart hurts when he thinks about who could have made her make such sad eyes, but that, with him, everything will be fine. He lets her relax and pours her tea. Yuuri says he’s taking a break, then asks heroine is he can hug her like a lover would, but quickly says it’s a joke. Then creepily, he asks what the heroine would think if the girl from the picture from before was holding a knife. He suggests that the girl in the picture was so in love with a man that she wanted to make him hers (and probably killed him as a result) and apologizes to the heroine for scaring her. He declares that he would not knife the person he’s in love with and would want her to stay by his side (basically). It starts to rain and thunder and Yuuri wonders if there will be a storm. He asks if heroine will be able to sleep by herself tonight and makes her promise that she won’t go out when the bell rings at midnight and just sleep. He says he’s worried about her sleeping habits (?) and if she can’t sleep, he’d be willing to spend a night stroking her head while she fell asleep. He asks her what she wants to do, and she says she’s fine by herself. Yuuri says he’ll stay here and continue relaxing with tea, while heroine goes off to sleep.

Drama III

Continuous rain and the sound of something breaking, crows, and knocking on doors. Heroine leaves the room and encounters Yuuri, who can’t see her and asks if it’s Mint who’s come to see her. He realizes its heroine and she goes to turn on the lights but Yuuri tells her not to omg I bet something bad is going to happen. He asks her what’s wrong and that it’s midnight (“If I haven’t heard wrong, the bells at midnight have already rung”). Heroine says that the lightning struck and broke her window (?). Yuuri mentions Kanade (who probably broke the mirror, as evidenced by the crows).  Yuuri says that since her room is now a mess, finding another room she likes is fine. Yuuri says he can’t lead her there since he’s not feeling well though it sounds like he’s lying. He tells he to hurry up and leave. Heroine says she’s worried about Yuuri, and Yuuri replies that she’s a human, yet is worrying over a shinigami. He says that she’s really nice and it’s surprising that a person like her is living and that he doesn’t need help. He tries to tell her to leave again, but she continues to insist that she’s still worried and won’t leave omg please listen to him. “Your heart is really beautiful, isn’t it?” BA BOOM OMFG THAT LIGHTN ING SCARED THE CRAP OUT OF ME I’M ALONE IN THIS ROOM ALL BY MYSELF TOO WAHHHH.

And, I knew something bad would happen.

Scary music starts playing after Yuuri says “Ah, it’s too bad”

Heroine was able to see what was happening with Yuuri because of the lightning providing a moment of light to the room. He tells her that what’s spread around aren’t flower petals and that she should take a good look around – they’re butterfly wings. He tore them from the butterflies and killed them. He tells her that he tried to be nice to her, and told her to stay in her room and sleep. He tried to lie to her to not make her scared. He then pushes her down on the bed (“You never thought I would [do this] did you?”). She didn’t keep her promise (to not leave the room after midnight) and now he has to punish her. He proceeds to kiss her and asks her if it’s her first time being treated roughly. He wonders if the face she’s showing is one of acceptance or surprise. Heroine thought that Yuuri can’t see her face since its dark, but Yuuri says that shinigami can see better than humans.  Heroine pushes him off of her and Yuuri says that he thought he was a nice person and tells her to hurry and leave.

WHAT JUST HAPPENED I DON’T GET. I really don’t get random kissing

Drama IV

Yuuri knocks on heroine’s door, telling her he’s brought food. Heroine doesn’t answer him, but he enters anyways. He asks how she is, mentioning that her face is pale and that she didn’t sleep much. He says he’ll feed heroine the soup. She tries to resist and he asks if she’d prefer to be fed mouth-to-mouth. She refuses, and he tries again to feed her (I think he says if the soup falls on the floor, table, etc she’d have to eat it from there?). Yuuri feeds her a spoonful and then tells her to eat everything else herself. (“There’s no way you can’t do it yourself, right?  You can do it if you try it, huh”). He tells her to stop and to listen to him. He was mad when she broke her promise and says he can’t explain to humans why he tore those butterflies’ wings that day and how that amuses him. Heroine insists on knowing the reason why he does that and he laughs at her. He won’t tell her. He calls humans…narrow-minded (?), but heroine doesn’t agree and Yuuri agrees to tell her while slightly annoyed btw. He tells her that she can’t take it back even if she no longer wants to hear it.

He basically tells her that shinigami are like monsters since they are lacking in various ways. That’s why, he often finds weak things and feels better about himself. Right now, she’s there (like those weak things) and, when he was drawing the picture of her, he felt the urge to make her his. If he could he would do it now (something about her life…taking it??? What does ureta kajitsu mean?). He notices that she’s not scared and isn’t running away and that she can’t run away even if she wanted to. He says she’s strange and that he’s interested in her and wants her to tell him more about herself – everything about herself – since the picture is not enough.

Drama V

Yuuri notices heroine is still awake and wet from the rain. He went out a bit after finishing her picture. She was worried about him and he thanks her for that, but shinigami don’t get colds. He mentions that, while she’s wet, he can’t hug her (to warm her up). He tells her to go back to her room and that it’ll be bad for her to catch cold. Yuuri notices that heroine looks like she wants to say something to him. She asks about the blood on him. He mentions that his clothes got dirty and it’s nothing for her to worry about since it’s not big deal for shinigami to get hurt – and that the blood’s not even his.

He tells her to go, because otherwise she will really get a cold. Or go to the salon to drink warm milk. Heroine asks what he was doing outside and he asks if she’s really interested in the blood. He wanted to talk more (nicely), but it seems like that’s not possible. He basically talks about Kanade sending a copy to hurt heroine and how it’s unforgiveable for anyone to hurt her [evil laugh]. If I’m not mistaken, I think he talks about how happy he is/was when killing the copy. Heroine doesn’t seem very happy about it and says that she wants to be alone. Yuuri wonders what’s wrong, and she walks away but he follows. He thinks that she’s upset because the night of the full moon is coming and she wants to spend the rest of her time with a loved one  (“Who would be good? A friend? Your family?”). Heroine runs away.

Yuuri knocks on heroine’s door, but she doesn’t answer. He knows that she’s in the room but won’t unlock the door or answer him. He says that if she’s mad, he’ll apologize to her. He then implores her to believe in one thing – that he didn’t mean to make her sad. “Please talk to me and let me see your smile” (abbreviated). But she won’t even give him that. Yuuri says that the full moon is soon, though and he just wants to talk a little bit. In a lower voice, he asks if she wants to run away from him. They’ll be parting soon, though, anyways – so open the door. He repeats this angrily, but he eventually reveals that he has the key to her room and opens the door himself. Heroine is scared because Yuuri is mad at her. He says that he’s no longer mad at her, but wants to know how he upset her. She won’t say anything and Yuuri keeps questioning why, but doesn’t understand. Yuuri says he’s the only one who would do anything for her and hugs her to assure her of his feelings – but she still doesn’t understand. Yuuri says it’s because he likes her. He tells her to close her eyes (to kiss), but she pushes him away. He says that it’s obvious that two people in love should kiss. Heroine always smiles happily in front of him, so he doesn’t believe (won’t believe) that she’s not actually interested. He pushes her down and says “That’s why – let’s become one, right now.” While laughing, he comments on her eyes, which look like she wants to run away, but he won’t let her escape. And he believes she’ll become unwilling to run away from him. She’ll start to want him – because Yuuri had her take a certain medicine, but when was it taken? It was in the tea, the soup…everything she consumed and it’s in the kiss. “Do you think you were an idiot (for trusting me, etc)? But I like [that part of you as well].” *

He tells her to kiss him back, and she does. GAHHH she’s like his doll now

*just a note, I’m not actually translating word for word, just generally, since I don’t actually know everything he’s saying

Drama VI

Day of the Full Moon

Yuuri comments on the full moon and that he knew he would have to separate from her. He didn’t know how painful it would be – but she won’t disappear, he says. She’ll live on in him forever. OMFG I think he just said he killed all her important people, justifying his actions by saying he’s the only one for her. She laughs and he compliments her on that. He believes even if he hadn’t drugged her, she would still laugh for him. He understands her the most. Heroine cries her true feelings? and Yuuri says that those tears are his as well. He licks her tears away and asks to see her soul (and he takes it out to see). He tells her to kiss his hand and that he can now feel her in this form.  KISS FEST TIME There’s no longer any distractions for them, and Yuuri “I want you more and more. More and more.” He’ll teach her that she’s his. The bell begins to ring, and heroine feels strange. Yuuri assures her by saying he’ll kiss wherever she hurts the most like a boo-boo.  YEAH, SO, BASICALLY LOVE-LOVE KISSING TRACK HERE. Except there really isn’t any love.

Around the 10 minute mark of the track, Yuuri asks why she has such sad eyes. They should be sparkling beautifully. But her eyes are just reflecting sadness. She’s not seeing him. Her eyes are the only part of her that are not lying (her lips and body are because of the drug). He just wants her, why, why won’t she want him back?

“I get it. It’s fine now (I don’t care). It’s fine. The you that won’t become mine isn’t you. I’ll…finally kill you.”


Awwww this track is actually kind of pretty, but trust me, I cannot translate [songs] for my life. I’m just not good with how to word things in the right way.

Extra Track ~Last Message~

He remembers that he forgot to show her the finished picture that he drew of her. It was a picture of her best smile. Her eyes were beautiful in the image and the painting reflects what she really is like. “From now on, we’ll be together forever. I love you. I love you. I love you, I love you, I love you. Even though I love you this much…!”


Final Thoughts


Surprisingly, this CD really didn’t scare me that much. The only time I was really freaked out was when the lightning struck at the butterfly scene. That loud noise scared the crap out of me. I really thought that, after seeing that picture of Yuuri holding that doll that the CD would be…umm, well, abusive (although admittedly, the drugging-the-heroine thing was kind of abusive. I did not see that coming). ACTUALLY, I feel bad for Yuuri – even though he is so yandere and crazy. In all the other CDs, the heroine held some affection for the shinigami partner, but in this CD HIS FEELINGS WERE NEVER RECIPROCATED. To be honest, they probably could’ve been and were in the beginning, but then he just revealed that he was really crazy and obsessive and….that scared Ms. Heroine away. The drugging part was pretty unforgiveable for me, especially since he basically did it right from the beginning (in small amounts). But I don’t hate him. He just seems too pitiful (but I didn’t really understand everything that went on in the CD, so I don’t actually understand his motivations. Is he jealous of life?).

I also didn’t really get a feeling for the heroine in this volume.


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